Friday, July 21, 2017

Quads Rod & Custom Car Show in LaGrange

 photo Quads Rod amp Custom Car Show 2_zpsqqlhxak3.png

If you're looking for a low-key, fun activity to do with your family in the warmer months, then you should check out the Quads Rod & Custom Car Show in Downtown LaGrange.  The car show is set up every 4th Saturday of the month, beginning in May and going through September and is FREE.

image description image description
My son loves cars and learning about them, so this car show is perfect for him to experience many makes and models.  The cars are set up along Main and 2nd Streets in Downtown LaGrange and the streets are closed to traffic.  The car owners love to share about their passion for their collector car and my kids love to hear about them.  Their many questions are answered and they learn new interesting facts about restoration and the development of the car.  They love to hear the year of the cars and compare the difference between the collector car and the present day car.  My husband and I also love to hear the many stories associated with the cars.  Some car owners have cards for children to take with them or will allow children to sit in the car for a picture. 

Many different cars, hot rods, trucks, custom cars, jeeps and more are set up for the shows.  Along with the cars, the car show has a 50/50 drawing, music, door prizes and dining along Main Street.  The shows are 5-9pm and are a great way for families to develop or nurture an interest in cars or the hobby while also learning a little history about the different makes and models.

image description image description image description
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blue Moon Canoe & Kayak Rentals in Westport

 photo Blue Moon_zpsbzsrfx0h.png

Find family fun down the hill in Westport!  Blue Moon Canoe & Kayak of Kentucky is now set up for rentals on the Ohio River. We hope to get out on the Ohio soon, but wanted to let our readers know some general information about the rentals.

Canoe $55 half day. $75 full day.
Kayak Tandem $55 half day. $75 full day.
Kayak Solo $35 half day. $65 full day.

Rentals available on Saturday and Sunday.

The rental tent and launch ramp are located near the Snack Shack.

Contact Blue Moon Canoe & Kayak of Kentucky for reservations and more information.

Learn more about Westport Park here.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Fall Children's Consignment Sales in Oldham County

 photo OFF Fall Consignment 2017_zpsyvig2tow.png

Whether you're buying or selling, consignment sales are super family-friendly!  We have the Oldham County Fall Sales linked up here for you!  Save the date!

September 15th 5-9pm
September 16th 9am-4pm
September 17th 11am-3pm
Oldham County YMCA in Buckner

October 5th 9am-2pm and 6-8pm
October 6th 9am-2pm and 6-8pm
October 7th 8am-12pm
Covenant United Methodist Church in LaGrange

October 6th 9am-7pm
October 7th 9am-1pm
St. John United Methodist Church in Prospect

Check out our Consignment Sale post here for more information on consignment sales & stores in the area.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ice Cream & Other Cool Treat Spots in Oldham County

 photo cool treats header_zpsyfn38ie6.png

Whether you're in the mood for an ice cream cone, shake, frozen drink or something fruity, Oldham County has plenty of choices!

 photo 1474a1ef-0121-4d83-8ab6-a587782b873e_zpsqj9p9fjx.jpgLaGrange
Serendipity Café
They offer several different flavors of hand dipped ice cream.  Pair a scoop of ice cream with a piece of delicious homemade chocolate from their chocolate case!

Daddy Yo's Frozen Desserts
Choose from frozen yogurt, hand dipped ice cream, dippin dots or sorbet.  Plus several topping options!

LaGrange Coffee Roasters
If you're wanting a frozen treat with a little pick me up, try a frozen or iced coffee!  We love to sit outside and watch Main Street!

McDonald's & Dairy Queen
These are both locally owned franchises!

Red Peppermint Frozen Yogurt
This frozen yogurt shop is connected to the delicious and very popular Red Pepper Deli.  We love to grab lunch at Red Pepper Deli and then a frozen yogurt treat.  The kids love the different toppings!

Shiver Shack
This family-owned shaved iced business is open seasonally during the warmer months in Crestwood Station.  This is the only shaved ice place in town and offers a variety of combos and other flavors.  The small is HUGE! (Bring cash and make sure you check their facebook page during bad weather.)

Knock on Wood Country Mercantile
Did someone say ice cream pie?  Holy cow - their ice cream pie slices are BIG!  It is worth the drive down the hill to visit this restaurant for a cool treat.  The homemade ice cream pies, ice cream cookie sandwiches and shakes are so delicious!

IGA has a soft serve ice cream machine!  Don't forget about Dairy Queen and Homemade Pie & Ice Cream Kitchen too!

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Oldham County Day!

 photo Oldham County Day 2017 header_zpsuphzqke4.png
 photo police_zpsmbdamkck.jpgOldham County Day is always celebrated the 3rd Saturday in July, 9am-4pm in Downtown LaGrange.
  • Watch the parade in Downtown LaGrange near the Courthouse Square on Saturday morning.  The parade route usually begins near LaGrange Elementary School on West Jefferson Street, takes a right on Walnut Street and then a right down Main Street to end at Main & 5th Avenue near the elementary school again.  The parade usually starts around 10am.  Make sure you arrive early to find a great spot to watch the parade!  Anticipate seeing the Grand Marshall, local school marching bands, tractors, horses, fire trucks, church, local business and other group floats that match the parade's theme for the year.  Kids are also invited to decorate their bikes and ride in the parade!
 photo living statues_zpskqzjxx2f.jpgCheck out the over 120 booths on the courthouse square.  Many of the booths feature local businesses and organizations in the Oldham County area.  Meet local politicians, learn more about locally owned businesses, churches, maybe get a freebie or enter a raffle!  Food and drinks are also on the courthouse square.  In the past, a lot of the booths had kid-friendly giveaways (like Dairy Queen ice cream coupons), bounce houses and balloon artists and visitors saw living statues, wild west gun fights and more.  It's definitely worth checking out the courthouse square after the parade!
Listen to music while you're at the festival.  The Friday before OC Day, there is usually a street dance with live music hosted by the City of LaGrange.  Check the Facebook page for updates on the entertainment they have lined up.  Entertainment is usually 5-9pm.

Arrive early for parking!  You can also sometimes find parking along the side streets surrounding the square and some local residents open their property (sometimes for a fee).

Enjoy a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning at the LaGrange Community Center on Jefferson Street 7-10:30am.  There is a cost for the breakfast. 

 photo train robbery_zps26oubdh5.jpgAnd of course, always check out the other businesses in LaGrange!  A lot of the businesses and restaurants have special hours and activities during Oldham County Day!
Make sure you check the official Oldham County Day website and Facebook page for updates on this special event.  We wanted to allow our readers to have a general idea of what to expect during Oldham County Day, but realize that activities, event times and entertainment acts are subject to change each year. 
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Nachand Canoe & Kayak Rental in Prospect

 photo NACHAND_zps1m6wocdg.png

We found a fun outdoor activity just outside Oldham County!  Nachand Canoe & Kayak is located on River Road behind Darkstar Tavern in Prospect.  We recently took a fun 4 hour kayak trip down Harrods Creek with some friends. 

 photo take off spot_zpszyfwia2t.jpg
Nachand Canoe & Kayak offers kayak, canoe and paddle board rentals.  You can choose 4 or 8 hour trips.  You can also choose a single kayak or double kayak.  Prices vary for each type of rental and there's usually a 10% discount code for booking online.  Walk-up rentals are available, but it's best to make reservations ahead of time.

Our group was a mix of single and double kayak rentals.  A single kayak rental for 4 hours was $35 and the double kayak rental was $60.  After signing all necessary waivers, our group was quickly on our way down Harrods Creek.  They provide life vests, but many of our group members mentioned that they wished they had brought their personal life vests because some of the ones at Nachand were wet or damp.  We should have expected that to be the case, but didn't think of that possibility beforehand. 

You can choose to venture down Harrods Creek or up toward the Ohio River and the Captain's Quarter's area. You, however, are not allowed to kayak on the Ohio River.  You will pass a few slow moving boats on Harrods Creek, but the majority of our trip was smooth, peaceful, deep water.  There were quite a lot of down trees and debris in the creek during our trip, but nothing we couldn't navigate.  One other characteristic of Harrods Creek we should mention is that there is little to no current on it.  This is a positive because trips booked on Harrods Creek do not include a designated end or pick up point.  The trip is four hours and that means you have to give yourself time to make the trip back to the launch area.  No current means you aren't paddling against it on the way back.

 photo tall waterfall_zpsubxmuae6.jpgHarrods Creek offers areas of shade at some points because both banks are tree lined.  We saw several deer along the banks and turtles sunbathing on logs.  Harrods Creek Park is visible during the trip also.  The best part of the trip was the waterfall at our turn around point.  We put our kayaks on the shore, located the wet water spring entering the creek and walked a short trip up a bluff to find an amazing waterfall tucked in the woods.  Make sure you are wearing a good pair of water shoes, applied some bug spray and if possible, bring a camera.  The waterfall is beautiful and offers great photo ops.  There is a steel ladder to climb to another level of the waterfall if you choose to do so.

We saw many families enjoying the rentals either in kayaks or canoes.  There were a few children at the waterfall as well.  If your children are patient enough to endure a 4 hour long trip down Harrods Creek, we would recommend including them.  There are paddleboards for children available for rental also.  We loved doing this with other couples as a fun outdoor activity.  Make sure you pack waters and maybe some light snacks.  There are spots on the kayaks to secure small coolers.  There wasn't any instruction given to our group, so we recommend asking if it's available before you book if you're apprehensive about giving kayaking a try for the first time.  You can also bring your dog along for the ride.

Nachand Canoe and Kayak Rental is located at 6313 River Road in Prospect.  Rentals are available 7 days a week 9am-6pm
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Rock Painting

 photo ROCK PAINTING_zpsbz8ldyjm.png

 photo alligator hidden_zpsqvtk9l3x.jpgYou have probably seen some painted rocks popping up around Oldham County or the Louisville area.  Recently on Facebook, we discovered a few local groups that are organizing the rock painting and placement of the rocks. 

Our local rock painting group is Oldham County "Rocks" and we love their message!  Through painting rocks and hiding them in our community, the group hopes to promote kindness, spread joy and create togetherness.  If you look at their Facebook page, it is filled with posts from Oldham County residents and beyond about the rock they found, where they found it and how excited their children or even they were to find it.

With a little bit of scrolling through Facebook Groups, I was able to find a recommended local rock company that has the perfect rocks for painting.  River Slick Rocks and River Blend Rocks are perfect for painting and are surprisingly affordable!  I picked up over 50 rocks for under $2! 

Acrylic paints work best on the rocks or you can be fancy and use several different paint pens or sharpies for your design.  Acrylic paints are dirt cheap too and can be found at Wal-mart.  Make sure you pick up a sealer for when the paint dries.  Modge Podge works or you can use a spray sealer.  (The spray sealers can sometimes make the sharpie run.)

The rock design itself can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.  I went to my trusty Pinterest app for inspiration and found a ton of ideas.  Paint a picture, an animal, an emoji or just write an inspirational message to your rock finder. Some local groups also like it if you leave the group name on the back of the rock.  The rock finder can then post on the Facebook page that the rock was found.

So you might be asking yourself, what's the big deal about a painted rock? 
1) This is frugal family fun.  The rocks were cheap and I already had the paint supplies. I spent the most on the sealer and it was still under $5.
2)  This is an activity all ages can enjoy.  I found myself really getting into my design.  My kids loved thinking of clever things to paint and then write on their rocks.  I loved the creativity!
3) Why not spread a little cheer and happiness in your community or even beyond?  You can choose to leave the rock at a neighbor's house, a library, favorite walking trail, outside your school or vacation spot.*  It was nice to hear the hiding spot ideas from my kids and who they were thinking of surprising.  *(It's always best to check with a business or park first before hiding a rock.  There are some local parks and businesses that have asked to be excluded from the hiding.  Also, don't hide the rocks in the grass - they don't work well with lawnmowers.) 

 photo pano_zpsxhp0qnwl.jpgMake sure you follow Oldham County "Rocks" on Facebook.  They have a rock painting event coming up in July at the Arts Center.  The Louisville Group #502Rocks! will be at Family Fun Day at Creasey Mahan on July 16th too!  Both of these events should be a lot of fun and an opportunity to be creative with your family.
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Thursday, June 29, 2017

FREE Things to do in July in Oldham County, KY

 photo July Free Events Header_zpskqi7oq9j.png

 photo Family Fun Day 2017_zpsznerkqkx.png

The Oldham County Public Library has a calendar packed full of fun EVERY day!  We highlighted a few events here on our list, but be sure to check out their calendar for story times, special guests, family events and so much more! 

More Vacation Bible Schools scheduled in July! Check out our VBS List for more FREE fun!

Children in the Dell at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens in Crestwood every Saturday beginning June 3rd thru 8/26, 10:30-12pm, children are FREE with paid adult admission.

LaGrange Coffee Roasters Open Jam every Monday night 6:30-9pm

LaGrange Farmers Market Saturdays 8am-1pm

Also check out our 52 Free Things to do in Oldham County list for more ideas!


7/4 - Independence Day Celebration at Wendell Moore Park. Music 6:30-9:30pm, fireworks 10pm.

7/5 - MadCap Puppets: Monkey See, Monkey Do at the Oldham County Public Library in LaGrange. 1pm

7/5 - Kids' Explorers Program at Cabelas: Animal Trackers For ages 11 and under 6-7pm

7/7 - Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them movie at the Oldham County Public Library in LaGrange 1pm

7/8 - Fireplace Family Fun at the Oldham County Public Library in LaGrange. 9am-4pm

7/8 -  Norton Commons Movie on the Lawn in Prospect (Jefferson County) is playing Secret Life of Pets beginning promptly at dusk 8-10pm. (Outdoors)

7/12 - Kids' Explorers Program at Cabelas: Call of the Wild For ages 11 and under 6-7pm

7/12 - Bright Star Children's Theater at the Oldham County Public Library in LaGrange. 11am, 1pm & 6pm

7/12 - Animal Tales at Ballardsville Baptist Church 6-8pm

7/14 - Sing! movie at the Oldham County Public Library in LaGrange 1pm

7/15 - Fireplace Family Fun at the Oldham County Public Library in LaGrange. 9am-4pm

7/15 - St. Aloysius Catholic Church Summer Picnic in Pewee Valley. 1-11pm

7/15 - Oldham County Day! Parade, vendors, food and more! This year's theme is "Under the Big Top." 9am-6pm in downtown LaGrange.

7/15 - Yoga in the Park with The Center for Holistic Healing in Pewee Valley. 9-10am

7/16 - Family Fun Day at Creasey Mahan Nature Center in Goshen 11am-3pm A Community Playground Celebration.
11:00 Door prizes - Parade crafts - Face painting
11:30 Parade to playground & ribbon-cutting
12:00 Zoo animals - water slide - Activity booths
1:00 Fire hose splashdown
2:00 Ice cream eating contest

7/17 - Newport Aquarium: Shark Cart at the Oldham County Public Library in LaGrange. 1pm, 3pm, & 6pm

7/19 - Countdown to Kindergarten Readiness Day at the Oldham County Public Library in LaGrange. 4-6pm

7/21 - Power Rangers movie at the Oldham County Public Library in LaGrange 1pm

7/22 - Fireplace Family Fun at the Oldham County Public Library in LaGrange. 9am-4pm

7/22 - Cruisin' with the Quads  in downtown LaGrange on Main Street near the Oldham County Courthouse Square.  They will meet the 4th Saturday of the month through September, 5-9pm.  Music, drawings, shopping and door prizes!

7/24 - Swim Party at the Aquatic Center in LaGrange (Buckner area) 7:30-9:30pm Must have a pool pass. Party is for schools: LaGrange, Locust Grove, Centerfield, Trimble County, Henry County, OCMS, OCHS

7/25 - Baby Boot Camp Demo Class at Wendell Moore Park in LaGrange (Buckner area) 10am

7/26 - Swim Party at the Aquatic Center in LaGrange (Buckner area) 7:30-9:30pm Must have a pool pass. Party is for schools: Camden Station, Crestwood, Kenwood, St. Aloysius, Shelby County, EOMS, SOMS, SOHS

7/28 - Trackside Tunes Summer Concert Series in LaGrange 208 E. Main Street 6:30-10pm

7/29 - Knock on Wood Country Mercantile Pickin' on the Porch in Westport 6-9pm

7/29 - Norton Commons Music by the Water Concert with Joe D'Amato & The Rigbys in Prospect 6:30pm

7/30 - Oldham Count History Center: Fifth Sunday Free! Every fifth Sunday throughout the year, admission to the museum is free!  Includes live demonstrations and special children’s activities.

7/31 - Swim Party at the Aquatic Center in LaGrange (Buckner area) 7:30-9:30pm Must have a pool pass. Party is for schools: Buckner, Harmony, Goshen, Jefferson County, Homeschool students, St. Francis, NOMS, NOHS

Want to share your FREE event even more? Please submit it to our calendar!

*Please always check with the business or venue in case event details change due to circumstances we might not know about.
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Monday, June 26, 2017

Bluebonnets and Bluegrass Alpaca Farm Tour

 photo Bluebonnets and Bluegrass Alpaca Farm_zpso3kjmojs.png

 photo denise tour_zpsz4ilvrp2.jpgJourney down Highway 22 in Crestwood and you'll find the sweetest little alpaca farm.  We had heard of Bluebonnets and Bluegrass Alpaca Farm, but didn't realize how close it was to our home in Oldham County and how enjoyable our experience would be at the farm.

Tours are given by appointment only and are easy to set up by calling the farm.  Denise Coonley is very friendly and gave a few times to choose from that worked for our group.  She recommends keeping the tour group size between 8-10 people and all ages are welcome.  The cost is $10 per person with a $30 minimum.  The tour lasts about 1-1.5 hours.

Once we all arrived at the farm, Denise greeted us near our cars and told us a little bit about what the tour would entail.  She also went over a few rules and expectations for the tour and interacting with the alpacas.  These were simple things like where to pet the alpacas, the demeanor of the alpacas, not to run and to enjoy ourselves.

 photo feeding alpaca_zpsn7eyxr0o.jpgIt was really neat how once we were inside the alpacas' field, they walked right up to us.  Denise explained that this is not typical behavior for alpacas, but because most of her alpacas were born on her farm, they're used to being around visitors.  Some of the alpacas were more approachable than others, while others liked to just stand back and watch.  One particular alpaca, Stella, was super friendly and content having her neck rubbed so much that she plopped down on her belly to enjoy herself even more.  The alpaca fur was soft and we got a few kisses on the nose.

We spent quite a long time loving on the alpacas in the "girl field" and made our way to the "boy field" and got to hand feed two boy alpacas.  The kids loved seeing the different hairstyles and colors on the alpacas.  They really are cute animals!  We also got to hand feed some of the chickens roaming around on the farm.  We all got a kick out of feeding them marshmallows!  Don't forget to give the cats a nice rub on the head-they love to be part of the tour too.

 photo chicken feeding_zps9dgm0lc7.jpgAfter our fun outside, we got to visit Denise's fiber studio in her basement.  She brought out different fibers for the kids to touch and to see the different textures between each one.  She also showed us some of her beautiful scarves and shawls that she creates and the machines and tools she uses to make them.  Each visitor got to make something using wool fiber.  During our tour, the kids got to make a cat toy by wrapping small pieces of colored wool around a plastic ball.  The ball was then placed in water, given a drop of dish soap, then placed inside a stocking for a few turns in the kids' palms.  The kids learned how the dish soap acted as a binding agent for the different strands of wool that they put around the ball.  The final product was a colorful cat toy!  Denise does different crafts on her tours, so make sure you ask about them when you book your tour.

I think what is so special about the alpaca part of the farm tour is that Denise obviously loves her alpacas and loves to share them with visitors.  The tour is extremely laid back and interactive.  Denise is patient with the children and answers the many questions that are asked.  We never felt rushed to move from one area to the next.  We loved hearing the stories about each alpaca and what makes them unique.  Denise also incorporates educational facts about the alpacas and what it takes to maintain the farm.

The fiber studio was incredible.  I love that the kids could have a hands-on experience inside and outside.  They were able to see how alpaca fur can be used for different things in our world and the work that goes into making the creations.  Again, Denise was super welcoming and patient inside her home.  Everything was age appropriate and interesting to the children.

Our experience at Bluebonnets and Bluegrass Alpaca Farm was memorable, enjoyable, educational and relaxing.  We cannot say enough good things about Denise and the gentle alpacas we got to meet.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page about possible birthday parties held on the farm.  Book a tour at this great gem in Oldham County!

image description image description image description

Hear from some of the visitors that were part of our tour:
I loved petting, hugging and feeding the alpacas.  They were so loving. - Kelli, age 6
I loved when the alpacas were smelling me. - J.R., age 5
I loved being close to the animals. - Elin, age 5
It was awesome! My favorite part was hugging Stella and feeding the chickens marshmallows! -Sarah, age 7
What an awesome place to visit! Denise was very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to answer all of our questions. The tour was very age appropriate for our kids and she even had them participate in a craft that we could take home! - Molli
We had a great experience.  Denise is so nice and her tour was very kid-friendly.  It was definitely worth the cost. I would recommend this to a friend! - Rachael

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Headquarters BBQ in Centerfield

 photo HEADQUARTERS_zpsvaip6r0g.png

Don't just pass through Centerfield - stop! 

 photo brisket_zpscz0cblqt.jpgThere's a new barbeque place right off Hwy 22.  The old, red roof building is now the home of Headquarters BBQ, LLC.  If you take a look at their Facebook page, you will find that Headquarters has been satisfying the community's appetite for a while now.  They do catering and now offer BBQ at their new location at 2700 West Hwy 22 in Centerfield.

The restaurant opened at the beginning of June and their weekly hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11am-8pm.  The food offered is typical of a BBQ place: pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and chicken all in sandwich or entrée portions.  Side choices range from homemade mac n cheese, potato salad, baked beans, fries and others.  The prices were not bad: $3.50 for a thick slice of BBQ Bologna or $24.50 for Baby Back Ribs.

Even though the food was traditional BBQ, the flavors were very unique!  I tried the Sliced Beef Brisket entrée with a side of baked beans and potato salad ($13.50).  My son had wings (six for $6) and my daughter had a kid's chicken tender meal ($4).  The Brisket was delicious and very tender.  You can request sauce for it, but I didn't feel like it needed any.  I loved that the potato salad and baked beans were obviously homemade.  These were not from a tub trucked in from Sysco.  The potato salad was light with chunks of potatoes and slices of celery and green and red peppers.  The baked beans were very filling and flavorful.  There were chunks of hamburger and peppers in the baked beans, which made for a unique side item. 

 photo deck_zpsrjimegbi.jpgI had to explain to my Buffalo Wing loving son that the wings at Headquarters BBQ were a little different from what he usually eats.  These wings are marinated, rubbed and then smoked.  You can see the rub on the wings and it's tasty.  My son enjoyed them!

The kids meals are $4 and under and are good portions for the price.  There is a BBQ pulled pork quesadilla that I was wishing one of my kids had chosen so I could sneak a taste of it!  Don't forget to ask about desserts!  Again, more homemade deliciousness!

Inside the restaurant there are a couple of tables and chairs set up for dining or you can sit at a bourbon barrel tabletop on the back deck.  The deck has lots of shade and it's nice if you want to eat your food at the restaurant versus getting it to go.

I love that the red roof house is now home to another family owned and run business.  We hope you stop in soon and give Headquarters BBQ a try!
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Friday, June 16, 2017

4th of July Events Around Oldham County

 photo 4th of july events 2017_zpsp2rsdkeo.png

Aquatic Center Fun!
At 2pm, the John W. Black Aquatic Center will kick off the 4th of July Festivities with fun at the pool!  Activities include:
  • Singing
  • Flag Ceremony
  • Pool Races
  • Kiddie Patriotic Swimwear Contest
  • Adult Cannonball Contest
  • The Greased Watermelon Dive
Admission to the Aquatic Center:
Ages 13-59 $5
Ages 3-12 $4
60 and up $3
Children 2 and under FREE

Hours on Tuesday, July 4th 12pm-7pm

Park & Firework Fun!
The pool will close at 7pm and there will be more entertainment at Wendell Moore Park 6:30-9:30pm.  DJ and fireworks show at 10pm. 
Read our review of the park here to learn what there is to do at the park.

Wendell Moore Park & John W. Black Aquatic Center are located at:
1551 North Highway 393 LaGrange, Ky 40031

Firecracker 5k Run!
Continue the celebration with the Oldham County Parks & Rec Firecracker 5k Run and 2 Mile Walk on July 8th at Westport Park in Westport, KY beginning at 8am.

Visit the Oldham County Parks & Rec website here or their Facebook page here.

Prospect (Jefferson County)
July 4th "Boomsday"
North Oldham County families close to Cowley Park in Prospect can celebrate the 4th of July together. Activities include:
  • Bouncy houses
  • Climbing walls
  • Obstacle course
  • Wet and dry slides
  • Food trucks
  • Trackless train
  • Much more!
Parade beginning at Westover Drive around 6pm.
Fireworks at dusk around 9:40pm.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cabela's Kids' Explorers Program

 photo Cabelas Kids explorer program_zpsf6iusuzm.png

 photo loot_zpsrsbohxjz.jpgWho loves FREE fun in the summer?  Cabela's has great evening workshops scheduled for children at their Louisville location.  The "Kids' Explorers Program" is on Wednesday evenings 6-7pm.

The first program was Fishing Fun and boy did my kids have fun! There was a representative from the KY Department of Fish & Wildlife that spoke briefly about fishing in Kentucky.  She also had a fun casting game for the kids to try out and gave tips as the kids practiced.  Cabela's provided a few treats to go along with the fishing theme - shark gummies and worm gummies!

Each child participant received a (really nice) fishing pole, sunglasses and fishing bobber to take home!  This was a great surprise for all of us.  The Cabela's representative told us that there will be something special after each Explorer Program.

 photo schedule_zps5znaae4d.jpgThe fun, hands-on experience was amazing, the extra gifts were great bonuses to this program.  We love that this is an evening program and it incorporates learning about the outdoors through fun and educational activities.

There are a variety of topics scheduled for the program, so be sure to check out their calendar!  The program runs through July 12th, is completely free and open to children 11 and under.  You do not have to pre-register for the event.

Cabela's is a short drive outside of Oldham County and is located at 5100 Norton Healthcare Blvd. Louisville, KY 40241.
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