Monday, August 29, 2016

Review of Walmart"s Online Grocery Pickup Service in LaGrange

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I personally do not like to grocery shop so when I heard that the LaGrange Walmart is now offering curbside pickup of groceries ordered online, I knew I had to try it! This is a FREE service with a minimum order amount of $30.

 photo 7aaf0406-55d8-4095-996d-0dbb091832dd_zpsjtcnlvhk.pngGETTING STARTED: I went to on my iPhone and clicked on the Free Grocery Pickup icon.  There is also a Walmart Grocery app that you can use or you can go online to Grocery Pickup for ordering.  You will have to create an account if you don't have one already.  You also will have to enter your zip code to find the LaGrange store (or whatever closest participating Walmart you want to use).  Once you have selected your store, you choose a timeslot for pickup that works for you.  Same-day pickup is available if you place your order before 10am.  Otherwise, the times to choose start at 8am and go up to 8pm for the following day.

 photo 41b5d977-b0b4-45b4-baba-7f24d18b8457_zpszmpb90ee.pngORDERING: I already had a list of stuff that I knew I had to get, but I decided to explore the site and see what I could add to my cart.  Here's what I discovered:
  • You can also order many non-grocery items and alcohol.  My order included an array of items: produce, hamburger, gummy bears, cat food, eye makeup remover, a journal, milk, eggs, toilet paper and more!  The only thing I could not order was apparel. 
  • When I searched for items, I used brand names, that I already knew my family prefers, to filter the results better.
  • Ordering got tricky when I wanted to add produce to my cart.  I did not know how many bananas would equal 1lb because I don't normally weigh them in the store.  I chose 2lbs to be on the safe side and ended up with 5 bananas - perfect!
  • I couldn't find some items that I know are in the store.  The item couldn't be found at all or it was only offered in a certain (usually much larger) size online.  I wish there was a "Notes" section to add more details about what you are specifically looking to purchase.
  • I liked being able to see my grocery cart total.  Generally, I do not know what my total will be when I checkout in the store and I'm usually shocked!  (What?!! I just came in here for milk!)  This really cut down on the impulse buys and staying within the grocery budget.
  • You can add items to your "Favorites" for easy ordering next time.
 photo f9a1bd0d-270b-4e2d-83ba-9ac214486189_zps3t23avy2.pngPAYMENT: After making all of my selections and making sure I had the minimum order of $30, I hit check out.  I was given some other grocery suggestions for my cart, but skipped them.  Next, I entered my payment method.  You have to use a credit card.  There is not a gift card, cash or check option. 

REVIEW YOUR ORDER: The next step is reviewing your order.  You will notice that there are green checkmarks that say "Substitute" next to each item.  What that means is, if the store clerk cannot locate your preferred item, they will try to find something similar in its place.  What I like about this is, you do not have to accept the substitution and also, you are not charged more money for the substitution.  So for instance, if you order a small box of Cheerios and only the large box is available, you will be given the large box for the same price as the small box.  You can uncheck the Substitute box for any items if you know you definitely want only that specific item.

PLACE ORDER: After reviewing your order, the last step is to place it.  A confirmation page will come up with pickup instructions, how to make any changes to the order, your pickup time and a list of what you ordered.  You have the option to change your order up to 1am the day of your pickup.  I tested this out to see how it worked and it was very easy to add and remove items from my order.  Each time I was sent a new email with my order details.  You cannot use coupons with this service, but I was told by the store manager that coupon codes will be available often.  For my first order, I was able to get $10 off!  That's probably more than what I would have saved with coupons (if I was diligent about couponing). 

 photo Parking Area_zps526niag9.jpg  photo Bags Marked_zpsg4ai9nb6.jpgPICKUP: I received a phone call about 15 minutes prior to my scheduled pickup time (10am-11am) letting me know that my groceries were ready for pickup.  I let them know that I would arrive in about 10 minutes so they could expect me.  Once I arrived at the store, I followed the signs for pickup, parked in one of the designated spots and called the phone number on the sign.  My items came out on a cart in less than 5 minutes.
  • I got to review all of the produce and meat products to make sure I was satisfied with their selections and sell by dates.
  • Items that were substituted were also shown to me and the bags were clearly marked "Substitution" with a green band.  Again, I was given the choice to keep the item or have it removed.  In this case, my substituted item was a loaf of bread (the brand was unavailable).  If customers do not select Substitute when ordering and an item cannot be found, the clerk will go over which items could not be found and they are removed from the total.
  • My egg cartons were opened and shown to me and the bag was marked "Fragile" with a red band.
  • You will have to show an ID for any alcohol in your order.
  • The clerk put all of the groceries in my trunk for me.
  • The cold items were cold because they are still stored in a refrigerator until they are picked up.
  • I signed for my groceries and I was on my way.  My total was slightly different at checkout.  It was $53.61 when I ordered and $52.26 when I signed the electronic receipt.  I'm guessing this is due to produce weights.
  • I received an email confirming my pickup.
My entire experience was super easy and oh so convenient!  This FREE service is great for everyone: working parents, stay-at-home moms, busy families, families with small children, the elderly etc.  My kids loved it, too - less time spent in the grocery with mom.  I have already scheduled another pickup for a week out and plan to have my husband pick up the groceries on his way home from work!

*At this time, the LaGrange Walmart is the only participating store in Oldham County.  The Middletown Walmart also offers this service.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Review of Walsh Park in LaGrange, Ky

 photo Walsh_zpsdya4dpba.png

Location: 600 North 4th Street, LaGrange

Walsh Park is tucked away between quiet neighborhoods and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church near downtown LaGrange.  It can be accessed by taking Jefferson Street to either 5th Street or 4th Street to Fendley Mill Road.  There is low traffic in the park, making it nice for dog-walking, picnicking or just playing.

Playground Features:
  • Large playground structure
  • 4 swings and 2 bucket swings
  • Fireman's pole
  • Rubber mulch
  • Several picnic tables surrounding the playground

Other Features at the Park:
  • North Oldham Baseball Fields

  • Restrooms
  • Covered gazebo with several picnic tables

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Latin Cafe in Crestwood

 photo Latin Cafeacute_zpsxspoztac.png

 photo IMG_6726_zpsxeswigqv.jpg photo IMG_6725_zps5xhgurph.jpg
Latin Café recently opened up in Crestwood and my family decided to check it out for dinner one night.  The small café is located at 6334 West Hwy 146 between Dominoes and KY Farm Bureau Insurance. 

We were pleasantly surprised to see how the café was renovated from the previous restaurant that occupied the space.  The café has a very clean, sophisticated look with white tablecloths on each of the tables.  We were greeted immediately by the very friendly owner and given recommendations on what to try.

The menu consists of Latin flavors for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  There are non-traditional Latin options on the menu also.  We decided to get a mixture of both flares.  My husband ordered the ceviche ($3.50 each), I tried the Cuban sandwich ($8.50) and my kids stuck with their usual cheese quesadilla ($4.00) and buffalo wings ($5.99).  The menu does list ingredient details for each item, which helps to understand the Latin food better.

 photo IMG_6730_zpszrrdgopq.jpg photo IMG_6729_zpsdka0iknp.jpg
The food was served as it was ready instead of all the meals together at once.  We didn't mind this difference, but it's worth noting.  My husband received his ceviche first and he said it was very good.  His chorizo taco came out shortly after with our daughter's cheese quesadilla.  My Cuban sandwich was next and tasted delicious and full of flavor.  The sandwich included baked pork, ham, tomatoes, onions, mustard, pickles, swiss cheese and yogurt sauce (mild or spicy) served on a hoagie.  The side of yogurt sauce was also very good with the perfect amount of mild spice for me.  My son's 5 buffalo wings came out next and we could smell the smoked flavoring as soon as they arrived.  The buffalo sauce was served on the side and was very spicy.  My son likes spicy, but we could tell it was super spicy even for him!

We finished our entrees and decided to try the homemade desserts.  We chose the bread pudding and mint chocolate mousse.  Our favorite was the bread pudding!  Latin café also serves ice cream, espresso, cappuccino, lattes, rice milk and tamarind. 

The restaurant is currently in its 2nd week of business.  They plan to have outdoor seating on their patio eventually.  Breakfast seems to be a popular choice for patrons.  Just like the dinner menu, the breakfast menu offers Latin and traditional breakfast inspired choices.  The tres leches pancakes and fresh tamales were recommended to us when we come back for breakfast.  If you're not in the mood for Latin food, they have a build your own omelet and English breakfast on the menu also.

The prices seemed fair, the food was fresh, the atmosphere was clean and refreshing, and the service was quick and friendly.  I could appreciate that there is a mixture of choices on the menu.  This mixture accommodated my family's different tastes well.  Give this new restaurant a try!  They are open 7 days a week.  Check them out on Facebook for their hours and specials.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Power & Grace: Gymnastics & Dance

 photo Power amp Grace_zpsco1lzzgm.png

A new gymnastics and dance studio recently opened up in Prospect and we got to check it out during preschool open play.  Power and Grace Gymnastics and Dance is located in the Kroger Shopping Center at 6011 Timber Ridge Drive, just outside of Oldham County.  When we arrived, the owner, Suzanne, welcomed us and was super friendly.  She explained how open play works and showed us some of the studio.  Caregivers are welcome to be involved in the open play or can choose to wait in the comfy lounge area.  There are several chairs and a couch with a TV near the windows to see the children playing on the gymnastics floor.

The gymnastics floor has several pieces of equipment for children to explore.  Along one wall is a long tumble track trampoline, there are three horizontal bars and balance beams set at different heights and more mats for tumbling.  Other toys were brought out during open play also.  Ride on toys, hula hoops, a smaller trampoline, a bowling game and scarves were a few of the items we saw.

The long rectangle room made it easy for me to keep track of my preschooler while she played.  The restrooms and water were also conveniently located near the gymnastics floor.  I also appreciated that the owner was out playing with the children and also assisting them on the equipment.  As the hour long play time came to an end, she turned on Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and the kids had a blast dancing with long ribbons.  There was a light snack and drink for each child after open play.  For older children, Power and Grace offers school-aged open play also.

image description image description image description

Power and Grace also offers organized gymnastic and dance classes for children 3-12 years old.  There is also Parent & Me classes for children younger than 3 and a Super Power class for children with special needs. Along with the gymnastic and dance skills, there is a character word each week that the teachers focus on with the students.  Students learn the importance of character traits like integrity, courage and patience. Check out their schedule for the class times; there are several options available for the age groups ranging from morning to evening times.  Follow them on Facebook also to learn about Parents Night Out and Birthday Parties.

There is a one time annual membership fee of $35 to cover insurance for the gymnasts and dancers.  Classes are $66 a month and open play times are $3.  Power and Grace is working on offering frequent visitor cards and there are discounts for families that enroll more than one child in programs.

There is a very welcoming and warm atmosphere at Power and Grace Gymnastic and Dance.  We enjoyed visiting this family-owned and operated studio.  My preschooler enjoyed exploring the equipment during open play and I appreciated the owner's personal involvement and attention she showed the parents and children.

Check out Power and Grace Gymnastics and Dance in Prospect!

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