Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blue Moon Canoe & Kayak Rentals in Westport

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Find family fun down the hill in Westport!  Blue Moon Canoe & Kayak of Kentucky is now set up for rentals on the Ohio River. We hope to get out on the Ohio soon, but wanted to let our readers know some general information about the rentals.

Canoe $55 half day. $75 full day.
Kayak Tandem $55 half day. $75 full day.
Kayak Solo $35 half day. $65 full day.

Rentals available on Saturday and Sunday.

The rental tent and launch ramp are located near the Snack Shack.

Contact Blue Moon Canoe & Kayak of Kentucky for reservations and more information.

Learn more about Westport Park here.
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Nachand Canoe & Kayak Rental in Prospect

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We found a fun outdoor activity just outside Oldham County!  Nachand Canoe & Kayak is located at 7001 River Road in Prospect.  We recently took a fun 4 hour kayak trip down Harrods Creek with some friends. 

 photo take off spot_zpszyfwia2t.jpg
Nachand Canoe & Kayak offers kayak, canoe and paddle board rentals.  You can choose 4 or 8 hour trips.  You can also choose a single kayak or double kayak.  Prices vary for each type of rental and there's usually a 10% discount code for booking online.  Walk-up rentals are available, but it's best to make reservations ahead of time.

Our group was a mix of single and double kayak rentals.  A single kayak rental for 4 hours was $35 and the double kayak rental was $60.  After signing all necessary waivers, our group was quickly on our way down Harrods Creek.  They provide life vests, but many of our group members mentioned that they wished they had brought their personal life vests because some of the ones at Nachand were wet or damp.  We should have expected that to be the case, but didn't think of that possibility beforehand. 

You can choose to venture down Harrods Creek or up toward the Ohio River and the Captain's Quarter's area. You, however, are not allowed to kayak on the Ohio River.  You will pass a few slow moving boats on Harrods Creek, but the majority of our trip was smooth, peaceful, deep water.  There were quite a lot of down trees and debris in the creek during our trip, but nothing we couldn't navigate.  One other characteristic of Harrods Creek we should mention is that there is little to no current on it.  This is a positive because trips booked on Harrods Creek do not include a designated end or pick up point.  The trip is four hours and that means you have to give yourself time to make the trip back to the launch area.  No current means you aren't paddling against it on the way back.

 photo tall waterfall_zpsubxmuae6.jpgHarrods Creek offers areas of shade at some points because both banks are tree lined.  We saw several deer along the banks and turtles sunbathing on logs.  Harrods Creek Park is visible during the trip also.  The best part of the trip was the waterfall at our turn around point.  We put our kayaks on the shore, located the wet water spring entering the creek and walked a short trip up a bluff to find an amazing waterfall tucked in the woods.  Make sure you are wearing a good pair of water shoes, applied some bug spray and if possible, bring a camera.  The waterfall is beautiful and offers great photo ops.  There is a steel ladder to climb to another level of the waterfall if you choose to do so.

We saw many families enjoying the rentals either in kayaks or canoes.  There were a few children at the waterfall as well.  If your children are patient enough to endure a 4 hour long trip down Harrods Creek, we would recommend including them.  There are paddleboards for children available for rental also.  We loved doing this with other couples as a fun outdoor activity.  Make sure you pack waters and maybe some light snacks.  There are spots on the kayaks to secure small coolers.  There wasn't any instruction given to our group, so we recommend asking if it's available before you book if you're apprehensive about giving kayaking a try for the first time.  You can also bring your dog along for the ride.

Nachand Canoe and Kayak Rental is located at 7001 River Road in Prospect.  Rentals are available 7 days a week 9am-6pm
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Rock Painting

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 photo alligator hidden_zpsqvtk9l3x.jpgYou have probably seen some painted rocks popping up around Oldham County or the Louisville area.  Recently on Facebook, we discovered a few local groups that are organizing the rock painting and placement of the rocks. 

Our local rock painting group is Oldham County "Rocks" and we love their message!  Through painting rocks and hiding them in our community, the group hopes to promote kindness, spread joy and create togetherness.  If you look at their Facebook page, it is filled with posts from Oldham County residents and beyond about the rock they found, where they found it and how excited their children or even they were to find it.

With a little bit of scrolling through Facebook Groups, I was able to find a recommended local rock company that has the perfect rocks for painting.  River Slick Rocks and River Blend Rocks are perfect for painting and are surprisingly affordable!  I picked up over 50 rocks for under $2! 

Acrylic paints work best on the rocks or you can be fancy and use several different paint pens or sharpies for your design.  Acrylic paints are dirt cheap too and can be found at Wal-mart.  Make sure you pick up a sealer for when the paint dries.  Modge Podge works or you can use a spray sealer.  (The spray sealers can sometimes make the sharpie run.)

The rock design itself can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.  I went to my trusty Pinterest app for inspiration and found a ton of ideas.  Paint a picture, an animal, an emoji or just write an inspirational message to your rock finder. Some local groups also like it if you leave the group name on the back of the rock.  The rock finder can then post on the Facebook page that the rock was found.

So you might be asking yourself, what's the big deal about a painted rock? 
1) This is frugal family fun.  The rocks were cheap and I already had the paint supplies. I spent the most on the sealer and it was still under $5.
2)  This is an activity all ages can enjoy.  I found myself really getting into my design.  My kids loved thinking of clever things to paint and then write on their rocks.  I loved the creativity!
3) Why not spread a little cheer and happiness in your community or even beyond?  You can choose to leave the rock at a neighbor's house, a library, favorite walking trail, outside your school or vacation spot.*  It was nice to hear the hiding spot ideas from my kids and who they were thinking of surprising.  *(It's always best to check with a business or park first before hiding a rock.  There are some local parks and businesses that have asked to be excluded from the hiding.  Also, don't hide the rocks in the grass - they don't work well with lawnmowers.) 

 photo pano_zpsxhp0qnwl.jpgMake sure you follow Oldham County "Rocks" on Facebook.  They have a rock painting event coming up in July at the Arts Center.  The Louisville Group #502Rocks! will be at Family Fun Day at Creasey Mahan on July 16th too!  Both of these events should be a lot of fun and an opportunity to be creative with your family.
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