Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Shiver Shack in Crestwood, KY

The Shiver Shack is opening for the season! Stop on by for a cool shaved ice treat.

 photo Shiver Shack Header_zps6qhp9neo.png

School's out which means the Shiver Shack is officially opening for the season on June 1st!  One of our family's favorite summer treat places now has a new and upgraded "shack." Once what was the green and blue shack is now a shiny silver airstream.  You can't miss it sitting next to Taylor Orthodontics on Highway 146 in Crestwood Station.

 photo Airstream_zpshnreqh2x.jpg

Shiver Shack has over 32 flavors to choose from and several different size options available.  Choose one of the combos they suggest or make your own!  A few of our favorites are: Tiger's Blood, Wedding Cake, Cotton Candy and The Patriot!

Kiddie 6oz for $2
Small 12oz for $3
Regular 16oz for $4
Large 24oz for $5
(Cash only.)
 photo sizes and prices_zpsrng0mpwu.jpg

Shiver Shack is located in Crestwood Station on 146, near the new Taylor Orthodontics location and Chase Bank.  There are several umbrella covered picnic benches for guests. 

2020 Summer Hours posted on the Airstream:
Monday-Saturday 1:00-9:00pm
Sunday 11am-4pm
*Hours are weather permitting.  Always check their Facebook page for updates.

Go get your shiver on!

Looking for directions to Shiver Shack?
Taylor Orthodontics' address is: 6010 Crestwood Station, Crestwood, KY 40014
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Nachand Canoe & Kayak Rental in Prospect

We found a fun outdoor activity just outside Oldham County that you should check out this summer!

 photo NACHAND_zps1m6wocdg.png

Nachand Canoe & Kayak is located at 7001 River Road in Prospect.  We recently took a fun 4 hour kayak trip down Harrods Creek with some friends. 

 photo take off spot_zpszyfwia2t.jpg
Nachand Canoe & Kayak offers kayak, canoe and paddle board rentals.  You can choose 4 or 8 hour trips.  You can also choose a single kayak or double kayak.  Prices vary for each type of rental and there's usually a 10% discount code for booking online.  Walk-up rentals are available, but it's best to make reservations ahead of time.

Our group was a mix of single and double kayak rentals.  A single kayak rental for 4 hours was $35 and the double kayak rental was $60.  After signing all necessary waivers, our group was quickly on our way down Harrods Creek.  They provide life vests, but many of our group members mentioned that they wished they had brought their personal life vests because some of the ones at Nachand were wet or damp.  We should have expected that to be the case, but didn't think of that possibility beforehand. 

You can choose to venture down Harrods Creek or up toward the Ohio River and the Captain's Quarter's area. You, however, are not allowed to kayak on the Ohio River.  You will pass a few slow moving boats on Harrods Creek, but the majority of our trip was smooth, peaceful, deep water.  There were quite a lot of down trees and debris in the creek during our trip, but nothing we couldn't navigate.  One other characteristic of Harrods Creek we should mention is that there is little to no current on it.  This is a positive because trips booked on Harrods Creek do not include a designated end or pick up point.  The trip is four hours and that means you have to give yourself time to make the trip back to the launch area.  No current means you aren't paddling against it on the way back.

 photo tall waterfall_zpsubxmuae6.jpgHarrods Creek offers areas of shade at some points because both banks are tree lined.  We saw several deer along the banks and turtles sunbathing on logs.  Harrods Creek Park is visible during the trip also.  The best part of the trip was the waterfall at our turn around point.  We put our kayaks on the shore, located the wet water spring entering the creek and walked a short trip up a bluff to find an amazing waterfall tucked in the woods.  Make sure you are wearing a good pair of water shoes, applied some bug spray and if possible, bring a camera.  The waterfall is beautiful and offers great photo ops.  There is a steel ladder to climb to another level of the waterfall if you choose to do so.

We saw many families enjoying the rentals either in kayaks or canoes.  There were a few children at the waterfall as well.  If your children are patient enough to endure a 4 hour long trip down Harrods Creek, we would recommend including them.  There are paddleboards for children available for rental also.  We loved doing this with other couples as a fun outdoor activity.  Make sure you pack waters and maybe some light snacks.  There are spots on the kayaks to secure small coolers.  There wasn't any instruction given to our group, so we recommend asking if it's available before you book if you're apprehensive about giving kayaking a try for the first time.  You can also bring your dog along for the ride.

Nachand Canoe and Kayak Rental is located at 7001 River Road in Prospect.  Rentals are available 7 days a week 9am-6pm
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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Al Fresco Dining Options in Oldham County

Restaurants are set to re-open on May 22, 2020 with limited capacity and outdoor dining allowed. We composed a list of locally owned restaurants that have outdoor dining for patrons that would prefer to dine outside. 

 photo Al Fresco Dining in Oldham_zps1bfacgwp.png 

Please be patient with restaurants and their staff as they adjust to new regulations. Also, please make sure you check with each restaurant individually for dining options that they are implementing. Not all restaurants are choosing to open dining areas and openings can change without us knowing.

As always, with or without outdoor seating available, there are so many wonderful restaurants to support in Oldham County. Click HERE for a full list of places to eat around town.

Oldham County Restaurants with Outdoor Dining 

Pewee Valley

Juicy's Smokehouse Bar-B-Q - picnic tables available


Backside Grill - They are still working out a plan for safe dining options, but carryout is still available.

Cravings Byanca - drive-thru restaurant, but picnic tables are available.

El Nopal Mexican Restaurant - patio seating available.

Gustavo's Mexican Grill - patio seating available.

Red Pepper Deli - outdoor seating available.

Taste of Thai - small deck seating available.

Wilder's Café - a few tables outside available.

 photo deck_zpsrjimegbi.jpgCenterfield

Headquarter's BBQ - small deck seating available.


Bully BBQ - picnic tables available.

Fitz Freeze Frozen Treats - picnic tables available.

Frascelli's NY Deli & Pizzeria - picnic tables available.

Inspirational Grounds - outdoor deck seating available.

Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant - patio seating available.

Steve O's Italian Kitchen - outdoor deck seating available.


Big R's & Shannon's BBQ - outdoor deck seating available.

Cattleman's Roadhouse - patio seating available.

El Acapulco Mexican Restaurant - outdoor deck seating available.

Ernesto's Mexican Cuisine - outdoor seating available.

Gustavo's Mexican Grill - patio seating available.

LaGrange Coffee Roasters - a few patio tables and chairs available. More benches along Main Street and near Courthouse Square.

Main Street Bourbon & Ale House - patio seating available.

Oli Pollo - picnic tables available.

One Nineteen West Main - a few sidewalk tables set up.

Red Pepper Deli - outdoor seating available.

 photo maggie with pie_zpscoxdzjbp.jpgWestport

Knock on Wood Country Mercantile - deck seating available.


Barn 8 Restaurant at Hermitage Farm - individual barn stall dining areas.

Kaelin's General Store - outdoor seating available.


Blackstone Grille - Only the outdoor patio seating will open on 5/25.

Gustavo's Mexican Grill - patio seating available at Prospect & Norton Commons locations.

Please & Thank You - patio seating available.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Walking Paths in Oldham County

If you're tired of walking your neighborhood pavement, try visiting one of these Oldham County walking paths. Between area parks, private gardens and long stretches of sidewalk, there are plenty of options for Oldham Countians to hit the pavement by foot or bike. 

 photo Walking Paths in Oldham_zpsudy1e0jy.png

 photo commerce_zpsbyiapddn.jpg

Commerce Parkway (Part of the Oldham County Greenways project)
Longer, straight path
Flat, paved walking path along Commerce Parkway
Parking is available near the 393 end and near the Oldham County Public Library
Biking allowed
Vehicle traffic at street intersections


Maples Park
6826 W. Hwy 22
Circle path
Flat, paved path around the park's greenspace
Parking near both entrances to park 
Biking allowed
Low vehicle traffic crossing the path

 photo Peggy Baker Park_zpsjo0vrs8u.jpg
Peggy Baker Park
6887 Abbott Lane
Circle path 
Flat, paved path around the park's playground and greenspace
Parking throughout park
Biking allowed
No vehicle traffic crossing the path

Briar Hill Park
7400 E. Orchard Grass Blvd.
Very short, circle path
Flat, paved path around park's playground area
Parking near path
Biking allowed
No vehicle traffic crossing the path

Veteran's Memorial Park
5901 Veteran's Memorial Pkwy.
Very short, circle path
Monuments throughout the path
Parking near path
This is a monument park, not meant for biking purposes
No vehicle traffic crossing the path

 photo Yew Dell Botanical Gardens_zpscg8e4vj5.jpg
Yew Dell Botanical Gardens (currently closed due to Covid-19)
6220 Old LaGrange Rd.
Circle path
Flat, paved path around the botanical gardens
Membership or admission fee required (there are free admission months during the winter months)
No biking allowed
No dogs allowed (there are "Hounds on the Grounds" days during the year)
Parking lot
No vehicle traffic crossing the path


Wendell Moore Park
1551 Hwy. 393
Longer, straight path
Mostly flat (some hilly areas) paved path
Parking near path
Biking allowed
No vehicle traffic crossing the path


Central Park
105 Central Ave.
Very short circle path
Flat, paved path around park
Parking near path
Biking allowed
No vehicle traffic crossing the path

 photo wendell moore park_zpsqqiff49n.jpg
Hwy 146/LaGrange Road
Sidewalk that runs from Crestwood to Louisville line
Parking near area businesses in Crestwood
Biking allowed
Vehicle traffic at street intersections

PROSPECT (Louisville, close to Oldham County)

Hays Kennedy Park
7303 Beachland Beach Rd.
Longer circle path
Flat, paved path around the playground and greenspace
Parking near the path
Biking allowed
No vehicle traffic crossing the path

East End Bridge
Longer straight path 
Flat, paved path running from Prospect to Indiana
Parking near Prospect entrance
Biking allowed
No vehicle traffic crossing the path, but definitely running along the path
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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Oldham County Public Library Drive-Thru

Did you hear the wonderful news?  The Oldham County Public Library staff have been working hard to re-open their drive-thru for patrons to pick up holds!

 photo Oldham Co Public Library drive-thru_zps21dyncsu.png

 photo front of library_zpsks5c1ydb.jpgWe are so thankful and excited that our public library will be offering pickups again. Beginning on May 12, 2020, holds (placed online) can be picked up at the Main Branch located in LaGrange at 308 Yager Avenue.  If you placed a hold online and selected a different branch, the holds will be re-routed to the Main branch.  This drive-thru service is open to all OCPL users. Watch for email notifications that your hold is available and ready for pickup.
 photo drive thru sign_zps4xwqjgtx.jpg

Oldham County Public Library drive-thru times are set for Tuesday-Friday 1-7pm.  The library is asking that patrons do not return books or other library items at this time.  Due dates have been extended to June 15th and fees are waived.   As always, the library also offers digital services and resources.

The drive-thru is located on the right side of the building. Follow the signage.

Thank you, Oldham County Public Library! Happy reading!
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Sisters Tea Parlor & Boutique Fun at Home

With social distancing in place and many restaurants limited to carry-out orders, families are finding ways to be creative with dining experiences. Oldham County's local tea parlor already offered a unique dining experience and now families can find ways to enjoy tea and treats at home together. 

 photo Sisters cover photo_zpsi0kk7qkc.png

 photo sisters store front_zpsmjjc8zq0.jpgI wanted to plan something special for my eight year old daughter during the quarantine. She was missing friends and the weather was too rainy and cold to go outside. I saw that Sisters Tea Parlor & Boutique was still open for carry-out ordering and was offering their tea trays to-go. I ordered a take-away 3-tiered tea tray with tea for $21. This tray was plenty for the two of us to share as a treat.

Ordering was simple. I found the menu online and on their Facebook page and called in our order. They do ask for a couple of hours to prepare if you are wanting the tray the same day. Once we arrived at Sisters we called the store to let them know we were outside and they brought our treats and tea to our car.  They were packaged up pretty and ready to go.

 photo tray_zpsoxkiq51m.jpgThe tray we ordered included 6 tea sandwiches and savories, 2 scones with lemon curd, 5 petite sweets and a 24 oz tea. They helped me pick out a tea that suited my taste, which was their "Buckingham Palace" tea. It was delicious and perfect! Once I got our order home, I surprised my daughter in our dining room with a special "Quaran Tea Party." I already had tea cups, candles and a tiered tray to help us feel like we were actually at Sisters Tea Parlor & Boutique. We split everything in half, I drank the hot tea and she had juice in her fancy tea cups.  We played music and discussed our favorite treats as we made our way up to the top of the tray. It was a great way to connect and enjoy each other's company.

Sisters has many other carry-out options and does offer special menus for those with allergies. Some menu items that caught my eye are the scones to go (baked or unbaked), their family bundle and a smaller 2 tiered tray to go. Their boutique is also filled with fun tea items and more.

If you're looking for a way to bring a little fun into your home when we are asked to stay home, Sisters Tea Parlor can certainly help you out. Sisters Tea Parlor & Boutique is a small business located in Buckner at 4765 Fox Run. Have a tea party at home and make it your own!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

LaGrange Farmer's Market & Artisans

The LaGrange Farmers' Market & Artisans is opening for the season this weekend! On Saturday, May 9th, the market will reopen, but like most public places, there are some new safety measures in place due to COVID-19. 

 photo Oldham Farmers Market LaGrange_zpsybuzutmc.png

 photo farmers market food pic_zpstkf8rjj2.jpgThe LaGrange Farmers' Market is located on Main Street near the Courthouse Square. They are open on Saturdays 9am-1pm beginning in May through October 10th.  We enjoy visiting the market because it allows us to support our community farmers and artisans and go home with great products. The market has a range of items from fresh farm beef, pork, cheese products, flowers, produce, dog treats, baked goods, jewelry and more. There is a list of vendors on their website here, but check their Facebook page for weekend updates.

We love the atmosphere at the market. The peace of an early morning walk around the market is refreshing. On some mornings you might get to hear a band playing or some songs being sung by local artists and young musicians. The train rolling down the middle of Main Street also offers an unique experience while perusing the booths.

Beginning on May 9, 2020, the market is asking visitors to follow a list of guidelines while shopping. These guidelines are in place to help ensure the safety of the vendors and shoppers and align with social distancing. Below are the guidelines from the LaGrange Farmers' Market.

 photo farmers market social distancing rules_zps6jgrz84p.jpg

Some of the vendors are offering pre-ordering to make purchasing and picking up product faster and safer. Again, following their Facebook page is your best bet for updated information. Luckily, since the market is on the Courthouse Square, there is some green space to help visitors spread out and enjoy their purchases.

There are also wonderful shops along Main Street in Downtown LaGrange that visitors can shop. (Retail stores are set to open on May 20th, but many have great window displays that are worth checking out before the 20th.) Downtown LaGrange has several restaurants and a coffee shop that have carry-out ordering available.

The LaGrange Farmers' Market & Artisans is located at 100 Main Street LaGrange, Ky 40031
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Monday, May 4, 2020

Mother's Day in Oldham County

Mother's Day is May 10th this year and just like many other special holidays and occasions this year, it will look a little different for some. There are ways to make Mom's day special even with annual traditions looking a little different. 

 photo Mothers Day Oldham_zpstyi0qqhk.png

By the time Mother's Day arrives, most of us will have prepared our 3,000th (haha) meal at home.  Lucky for us, there are some local restaurants offering Mother's Day meals for families.

Here is a list of Oldham County businesses with Mother's Day Meals to enjoy at home:

 photo wilders mothers day_zpsnxpjsup6.jpgWilder's Cafe in Crestwood - Their Mother's Day Menu includes one protein (Bourbon Barrel Smoked Salmon Filet, Grilled Chicken Bruschetta, Roasted Turkey) and two sides (Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Smashed Red Skinned Potatoes, Butternut Squash Gratin, Asparagus w/Roasted Red Peppers, Vegetable Medley) and choice of a pie (Strawberry Pie, Very Berry Pie, Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie) for $75 Order must be placed by May 7th.

Backside Grill at Third Turn Oldham Gardens in Crestwood - You have to check out what Backside is offering for moms! They have three grazing board options that include a tea sandwich platter, stratta and sweet rolls and banana foster french toast. All come with a growler of their beer or you can upgrade and add on their mead or wine. Other upgrade options include adding an extra present for Mom from Yew Dell Botanical Gardens or sweets from Q&A Sweet Treats. Orders must be placed by May 6th.

Big R's & Shannon's BBQ in LaGrange - They will have a Mother's Day menu - coming soon!

Gustavo's Mexican Grill in Crestwood, LaGrange, Prospect and Norton Commons - Treat mom to a free dessert with purchase at any of their four locations.

 photo donuts mothers_zpsm6hz66s2.pngSister's Tea Parlour & Boutique in Buckner - Put a twist on Mother's Day with a fancy at-home tea party. Sister's has a great carry-out menu and a special Mother's Day Tea Package that includes service for two or four.  The packages include a 24oz take-away tea for each person, guest choice of soup, a variety of six savories, two scones and a variety of five sweets. Orders must be placed by May 9th.

The Blackstone Grill in Prospect - They have a variety of carry-out meal options for Mother's Day plus you can get 25% off your bottle of wine with your purchase.

Dough Baby Donuts in LaGrange - Surprise mom on Sunday with an assortment of specialty donuts from Dough Baby Donuts. They will have their regular awesome donuts plus special decorated ones celebrating mom. Pre-orders can be placed online.

CLICK HERE is a list of other great restaurants in our county currently offering curbside and carry-out! 

If you need help picking out something for Mom this Mother's Day, no need to worry, a few local businesses have thought ahead and have ideas and gift packages easy to order and pickup.

Here are a list of local businesses that have Mother's Day gift ideas available for pickup:

 photo feed amp seed mothers_zpszo9x6knl.jpgBlooms Boutique in LaGrange - They have the most beautiful flowers in town! I am never dissapointed when I purchase flowers from this shop and LOVE receiving them! Blooms has flower delivery and will also help you prepare a gift package to go along with the flowers.

Stogie Annie's in Buckner - Grab nine select bottles of wine for $100 (retail $134)

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens in Crestwood - Schedule a virtual shopping time! Email to set up a time slot.

Addie's Goods in Crestwood - Addie's has a Mother's Day album on their Facebook page with gift packages ready to be purchased and picked up.

Pink Julep Boutique in Prospect -  This small local business is doing a wonderful job updating customers about their new merchandise and pickup options. They have cute gifts perfect for mom, so head over to their Facebook page to pick out something for her.

Feed & Seed Depot in Crestwood - They recently posted photos of some great merchandise they have in store including beautiful puzzles (hello quarantine fun), colorful totes, sweet garden journals and notebooks, tea towels, aprons and several other garden and floral gifts for your mom!

 photo jericho_zps5vbic7ek.jpgMercantile on Main in LaGrange - Jody Curry is working hard to continue to bring Oldham County (and beyond) wonderful vintage and artisan gifts. Mercantile carries jewelry, candles, home décor, bourbon gifts and several other items perfect for mom. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for ideas or just go check out their cute window display!

Porch Light Studio in Crestwood - Have you seen their beautiful handbags?  A small selection of bags will be posted on Wednesday, May 6th at 3pm, but hurry because they go FAST!

Jericho Farmhouse in Smithfield - This farm is just a short drive right outside of Oldham County and worth supporting. Jericho has an ice cream and flowers package for moms! You can order a quart of ice cream or two pints plus a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Hurry up and order because flowers are limited.

Mainstream Boutique in Crestwood - Check out their Facebook page for their live videos of all of the great merchandise they have in store!
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